Welcome to AZ Heat VBC

Thank you for your interest in AZ Heat. What AZ Heat offers is a unique volleyball experience that focuses on the personal growth of each girl. AZ Heat is beginning its 10th season in the valley under the leadership of Julia & Larry Jefferson.

Julia is Head Coach who takes a personal interest in each of her girls, helping cultivate a well-rounded athlete who can set and achieve goals, who demonstrates integrity and standards, who commits to her team and to her sport, and who is ready to bring forth the best of who she can be. To this end, Julia limits the number of players on a team as well as the number of teams at each level (12-18) in order to provide individual attention by the coaching staff, most of whom are former AZ Heat athletes themselves who have returned to continue their experience in this unique organization. Practices are held twice a week.

Larry is the strength and conditioning coach. His resume includes a long list of professional athletes as well as an even longer list of superstar college athletes to whom he was dedicated. AZ Heat provides an exemplary training program whereby each athlete increases agility, speed, stamina and performance. During tournament play, when other teams are giving way to exhaustion, AZ Heat is still going strong. All girls will be provided strength and conditioning training two nights a week.

This husband and wife team, both former college athletes, provides a program that is centered on family, with genuine care, some tough love, an eye on college, and the expectation of respect toward self, teammates, coaches, officials, and parents. There’s NO organization in the valley like AZ Heat.